BigData Platform Assessment & Services

"Integrating structured and unstructured data allowing computational analysis to unleash maximum potential"

We perform an expert evaluation of your big data platform to figure out architecture related gaps, technology challenges and create a detailed report with our observations and recommendations as per future goals of your organization. In addition we also undertakes software development over big data technology stack. This short assessment can save your time and costs which could potentially occur in long run due to non optimized systems.

  • Ingest and enrich streams, tables, objects and files in one unified data platform.
  • Build next generation real-time data lake which stores and indexes mutiple type of data supporting a variety of APIs and providing fine-grained security to enable identify based data sharing.
  • Real-time insights by enrich, analyze and serve.
  • Secure data sharing by control and audit access to data with granular content, role and context-based policies.
  • Unified Data Model Storing data and reading through most of the APIs.

Cloud Migration & Consulting

"Leverage the power of integrated cloud platform services that offer unique accelerator of productivity for businesses"

We can help you to migrate legacy systems to high end cloud infrastructure as we mostly work on industry leading pay-per-use cloud services like Amazon Webservices and Microsoft Azure.

  • Our cloud consulting offerings are designed to support your decision-making process, from exploratory evaluations to cloud strategy to solution and technology.
  • Application service provide the development and operation of cloud-based applications and services. Our expertise on cloud development enhances your agility, speed-to-market and cost savings aspects.

  • Cloud strategy definition and transformation roadmap where we define future state vision and cloud service models for migration to the cloud.

Business Analytics

"Harness the capabilities of data driven insights to achieve more accurate strategic and operational decisions"

We help you identifying potential business opportunities, finding potential challenges within the processes, streamline operations and maximize your revenue with predictive, prescriptive, diagnostic and descriptive analytics.

  • Data visualization with fully interactive dashboards using industry leading BI tools.
  • Uncover hidden patterns and trends while gaining useful insights about your business.
  • Some use cases are behaviour, customer journey, operations, trade promotions, supply chain and retail analytics.

Enterprise Intelligence

"Leveraging deep learning to derive powerful insights enabling real-time decision support, minimizing risk and optimizing operational performance"

We help leveraging deep learning and adaptive experimentation for Artificial Intelligence based platforms.

  • Next-generation of indentity verification platform by applying deep learning techniques with bio-metrics and data intelligence to reduce fraud rates.
  • Enabling intelligent voice powered digital bots that engage and drive results.
  • Intelligent Language detection. Locale-specific customised translation, transcription and synthesis.

  • Information Extraction using mining entities, relationships between entities and high-throughput lexical-based extraction of key document features.
  • Solutions to organize, understand and also generate images using most advanced generative deep learning techniques.